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SO. My knees are a lot better now. In a last ditch attempt by the somewhat baffled doctor, I got mah knees pumped up all full of lube (trust me it was an act of almighty might to not just giggle at the man with his needle) and nutrients and things, hoping to get the swelling of the tissue around my knee caps (which are, I was told, hilariously out of alignment) down.

So far, so good c: No more limping. 'course my knees aren't a hundred per cent fixed up, but they're like what they were a year ago, and I really would be behaving like bitch to complain. Nosirree bub, I'm delighted by how good I actually feel >A<

In other news, looks like all systems go for Japan. And this is, comparatively, v v v trivial, but if you guys could weigh in I'd feel a lot better. I'm applying for a dorm room. In room one, I will be on the same floor as the kitchen, bathrooms, and seven other people (girls only).

In room two, I'm on the upper floor but still share the kitchen and bathrooms on the floor stated above. Only four rooms on this floor though (mixed gender). The room is also (and this is a very subjective view) is way, way prettier >_> Though the same size.

Not kidding in the slightest, I don't want to get stuck in my own head again, feeling lonely and terrified, so I want to Make Friends. Quickly and hopefully charmingly. Logically, sharing the loos and kitchen means there'll be mingling, yeah, but should I strive to be on the same floor in a crush of people!?

Meself I prefer room two... Though I worry that listening to my comfort zone is a horrible, horrible idea >A<

Any thoughts would be muchly obliged. It's that freaky time in between big important things that just leave me permanently nauseous.

Also, another kinkmeme fill. I wish it wasn't anonymous, so that I could contact the OP orz


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