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 the definition of culture is what the majority of people agree on
no absolute truth, just the most popular one
learned behaviour
you get born clean and free of influences
but then language (eg what language is spoken around the kid), social standings (oh, so this is what a mother is meant to do), manner of thinking (getting the impression of god existing via tv or what, and confronting members of that society what is God and taking in the response), physical things (ie learning to use the chopsticks is learning culture via the use of an implement)
culture is ever-changing, a Hot Mess, and never pure and never wholly conserved throughout the members
culture ain't the only thing made up as people go along
also, language, and national image
"Imagined communities" is a concept coined by Benedict Anderson. An imagined community is different from an actual community because it is not (and, for practical reasons, cannot be) based on everyday face-to-face interaction between its members. For example, Anderson believes that a nation is a socially constructed community, imagined by the people who perceive themselves as part of that group

also, the good-natured ruthless murder of the Other, the Incorrect, that is like Malay stamping out orang asli languages because that's what it means to be a good Malaysian

判断保留 epoche, that is, please remember that different doesn't mean wrong, and same as always doesn't mean right

tolerance, that is, take it on the chin when you can manage it, Friend

a mother married to a japanese man w new kids brings her foreign kid to japan and treats him like unimportant dirt. as his teacher, buddy, what do you propose we do to help the little guy out?

house visit eh

折り合い  compromise

people's view on what sort of levels of good parenting can be expected from Foreign Parts (is this racist, a requiem)

holla at the israel dude for pointing out fucking common sense 子育てせずにギャンブルのが違います
holla at the girl in the back, go back to the family in your country if it comes to it

akita and their culture of foreign brides!!!
korea rather than you cleaning up and doing chores study hard hard hard and get into an excellent university, that will be our joy

mistaken interpretation of observations can have bigger impact ripples friend

as expected, raising kids is fucking fucking fucking hard. pachinko might not be an addiction, but just as a way to pass the time without bearing too much responsibility for it yeah

meet very different people, see how they think, so you have a an archive of the facets of humanity and it makes you less likely to bull-headedly say ass things to people

let us do our best friend
lady you are way way way excellent


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