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Name:Yu, or Mu
Birthdate:Nov 1
Call me Yu or Mu, the difference ain't much. The past couple of years have been rough and interesting all at the same time, and I obsessively record things even if they're not so good for my mental health. I write fanfiction, slightly dodgy fiction, and want to be a writer but also want to live in rainforests for months at a time studying the distribution of wasps and jaguars. I'm Malaysian, so I spend achingly long periods of time writing loving depictions of food in All stories. I'm okay.

Interests (40):

and a lack of talent, animeanimeanime, archer, because i'm a loser that way, bill bryson the magnificent, biology-related texts, conviction, d. gray man, diana wynne jones bless her heart eternally, driving safely while feeling reckless, embarrasing amounts of anime-fabulousness, fantasy, fiction, fleet foxes, gintama because yes forever, hunterxhunter, i don't watch many movies, leverage, ludo, mighty boosh, monty python, more country than you'd expect, nat geo when they're about something i like, ok go, people are too okay for me, reading most things, sayonara zetsubou sensei, sayyestothedressogod, sentimnetal hindhi songs, singing with passion, swimming, ted leo and the pharmacists, terry pratchett, the beatles, the cats, the voice, time magazines, tom holt, walthroughs because i don't know myself, writing fanfiction
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