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 UNCSD united nation conference on sustainable development
90s was time of economic boom
prior to 90s UN basically divided into Eastern Bloc and Western Bloc (soviet n US)
they blocked each other because supergovernmental powers are supergovernmentally shitheads 2
in 90s dissolution of soviet union lead to more cooperation
severe drought in africa and also US

boom, followed by a slump

2002 had follow up conference to 1992 UNCED Rio Earth Summit, WSSD aka johannesburg summit
but 2001 had 9/11 and no one gave shit

2012 had refrain, UNCSD Rio + 20 (yrs later)

things that went down in UNCSD
1) Green Economy
international framework on sustainable development

3 dimensions on sustainability
Social  WFP, UNHCR
Environmental IMF, WTO, TPP
Economic  UNEP (not intntl, not emphasised much)

but exacerbation of environmental problems can lead to the shafting of social and economic dimensions in own country or abroad

sustainable development goals should be
action oriented
concise and easy to communicate
limited in number
global in nature and universally applicable to all countries
taking into account different national realities, capacities, and levels of development and respecting national policies and priorities
to be integrated into post 2015 development agenda

(as written in The Future We Want, 2012)

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 fuck i forgot to take off my socks and my feet are overheating so bad

recent trend towards globalisation
- nation state losing monopoly over sovereign control of policy
- fuckers believe transboundary and global threats require cooperation

at UN countries get seats but international organisations oso got seats (unicef, worldbank etc) and can observe and intervene

what's the accountability slash prerogative of non-nation states to talk at UN proceedings
local -> national -> regional -> global

UN let's fix the world goals for the millennium (2000)
eradicate extreme hunger and poverty
achieve universal primaryeducation
promote gender equality and empower women
reduce child mortality
improve maternal health
combat HIV AIDS, malaria, other diseases
ensure environmental sustainability
develop a global partnership for development

mainly they concentrated on survival 
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 social dimension of anthropocene 1

also making groups for final project

195 nation states (bitches) as recognised by govt of japan

people fucking up at point A is being felt in point B
no one is happy but karma isn't immediately biting people in the right place. eg typhoons slamming into southeast asia w out remorse, hurricane damage in latin america etc but the causes of these things are related to the rapid development of developed cuntries

if you deal w social problems the knock on effectis improvement in environmental and planetary boundaries


frameworks of dealing with problems
-governmental organisations
-UN n shit

Westphalia System of International Relations
'anarchy' style, which means that there is no super-government entity that supersedes the COLLECTION of nation states

Traditional International Relations Perspective

Nation state is the unit of analysis in IR

NATIONAL SECURITY is most important, gotta look out for number 1, so you need power
Power (military and security means) fundamental to IR, considered as high politics 高次元政治
social and economic affairs are considered as 低次元政治

Nation state is one integrated unit, and is a Rational Actor (doesn't go ayyyy lmao and make random ass awful decisions)

Problems that cannot be understood/resolved only by international relations

Economy, market: cooperation against recession, currency exchange, etc

War against terrorism

Global Environment -> Biodiversity (eg hunting of large game in Africa, but goods sold abroad so becomes a global problems, but fundamental issue has to do with wealth inequality, a social issue), climate change nado

Global issues like Health, Refugee, Development



International Relations can be said to be over. It's not between countries, set by the handful, but problems being faced are on a global level


wars traditionally ctry v ctry
but in 9/11 
a ngo of terrorists and slams into the face of a nation state
an imbalance in the participants
but the countermeasure by the US has to go through the nation state level, which is why Bush administration started selling the idea that countries that house terrorists are Evil countries, so war by USA could be waged against these countries


starting from industrial revolution, up till present time, count it all in and the UK has contributed the most to fucking up the climate
but not like they knew what the shit was going down all science like way back when (18th century dakke)


y axis +ve side is cosmopolitanism (belief that all people belong to one community based on shared morality)

-ve side is nationalism, that nation states stand best alone, and whatever you are i am better

x axis +ve egalitarian (socialism) that hella digs social efficiency, so people aren't dealt with on a person to person level but in herds, so collective action is the best way to solve social problems is what this system believes

-ve aixs is rationalism (individualism) relates to current structure of economy. people go at their own pace, and put them all together and somehow it harmonises out

So say International Government, yeah, that falls on +ve +ve axis (cosmopolitanism, and egalitarian)
A super-national entity, an entity that is one step over nation states, that treats a collection of nation states as one herd, where directives would be handed down and then shared within the individual gnu's systems (gnu being individual national state)

On the side of rationalism and cosmopolitanism
Networked Governance
for example Arab Spring, usage of social networking sites to connect and come up w solutions. it's not a formal problem solving manner but it can work

Egalitarian and Nationalism
Closed Regionalism (regional competition) 

Rationalism and Nationalism
Competition (Hobbs)
competition encourages innovation, which can lead to solutions

All these would be alternatives to Cooperation model that is not working out too great right now. 


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