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 he likes birds
birds are pretty and easy to spot and people like them
pretty reflective of environmental conditions
and more easily visible than mammals
fish are hard to see too

why is the total number of species on earth still so hotly debated w such a wide range?
Son some places even biologist hands cant reach
eg lets talk about 熱帯雨林's canopy
it's a jungle on top a jungle
reaching there is harddddd, but it's swarming w insects and spiders
and you can get entire ecosystems on a tree by tree basis
and trees of same species in different regions could be supporting different ecosystems

preferential foot to grab foot with
first month of life bird tries both, and it figures out which it prefers

bird migration
when young, they gotta look at the stars and learn celestial charts
chicks grown in planetarium that omits main navigational stars, even when they're exposed to it when they're older they still can't navigate

絶滅of species
continuous evolution into more species
each species has a unique niche and role it plays in world
you can't say well since cockroach might become 5 new species w time who gives shit that 5 species of asstd biscuits die out
because they have different roles to play that aren't easily exchangeable

preferential treatment when it comes to conservation
what needs saving and doesn't need it? wao what a big problem

policy on preserving of life
fuck cockroaches!! fuck mosquitos!!! but birds are cute!!!
i feel myself that there is some super weird unfairness going on there he says
why we cool w killing some things and not others
if u do it for survival, then it's just part of life
the fundamentals of biodiversity is to treat all animals equally
easier said than done though
how do you console yourself with your preferential treatment of animals

re ur feel son pets
pet have a role to play for people
people also have a responsibility to pets
it's a way to look into how people think and feel about Life
what is life when you eat beef that might have been a cow someone was super fond of
why are we so cool w killing fish to p much all other animals?
they don't cry, but they feel pain, but because we cant see it we don't care


種  biology term  (species)
種類 common term for kind, sort. no standard definition as to what it entails
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