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My Life Story Up Until Now:

Owing to problems that range from being sick and hating pretty much everything that has ever existed, myself included, I failed my summer re-sit for Japanese 20090 and was summarily expelled (not allowed to repeat second year, mind you). What followed was months of being a NEET, and huge amounts of bad health in various members of the family (me, included. My knees have started to hurt like hell again guys), traveling a fair bit (caving pre-knee pain, Bangkok, etc. etc. etc), and generally feeling like a hobo both inside and out. Everyone was avoided with passion, because I was ashamed of my failure (for all intents and purposes, still am). As Emma knows well, all of a sudden I elected to attend two-years Japanese language course+ pre-U, in the brittle hope of getting into university (possibly with a transfer of those subjects I actually did well in). Which comes to now. So hello, everyone who's reading this and been wondering what in the hell happened to me c: Right now I'm enrolled at the JET Academy, and am living in Ikebukuro, Tokyo (I can actually write Ikebukuro in Kanji from memory, you should be proud). Sorry if I worried anyone. It's just been a horrible place to be in, in my head. HEY GUYS.

On to more jolly matters c: i.e, the past few days.

Quite a few pictures, and me being pretty cheery. )
SO. That's been the past few days c: And my reintroduction to the world. Sup, everyone!


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