Apr. 13th, 2015

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 sports science is important for sportsmen but also for the general quality of life for regular people

voluntary command is at the behest of the brain's request, motor command runs down the motor neurons in the spine and leads to muscle contraction
-muscle contraction folds limbs etc
every action, equal reaction in opposite direction
reading the reaction tells you the manner of the movement you outputted

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 What is sustainability?
Landslide in Hiroshima in August, 2014
-heavy rain (unusually so, patterns that has been cropping up around Japan lately) likely due to climate change

Philippine November 2013
Typhoon Haiyan wrecked the shit outta Philippines 

New York October 2012
Hurricane Sandy, wrecked it Hard
First time something of this caliber came a-calling

Caused by Global Environmental Change (not limited to just climate change)

Why are scientists reluctant to blame shit on climate change?
We aren't 100% sure that shit is 100% blame-able on climate change. Climate change main cause is burning of fossil fuels, and the exhaust that causes the problems (greenhouse gases) it takes a while to accumulate in the atmosphere, takes a while longer to show effects. 

Effects are many, different, and dependent on locations. It's hard to point to a disaster and say for sure, FOR SURE, the problem is climate change. It likely does have a causal link, but they may well have causal links with lots of shit.

That said, while we might yet be beyond 100% proving it, shit, son, we know.

Look, child, upon
Correlation between increased emissions thanks to human activities with many things, such as concentration of CO2, CH6, atmospheric ozone depletion, etc

Emission (activity) shot up in the 1900s, and similar tendencies in these other graphs.


Lover let us move on to 


We got 9, and they are
Chemical pollution
Climate CHange
Ocean Acidification
Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
Nitrogen Cycle/Phosphorus Cycle
Global Freshwater Use
Change in land us
Biodiversity loss
Atmospheric aerosol loading

They all need to be kept below a certain level, and going over the level may cause IRREVERSIBLE changes to the Earth System. We've overdone it on

Climate CHange
Nitrogen Cycle 
and Biodiversity loss


Influences (Changes in Social Systems)

Legitimacy of Making Decisions is changing. Line between developing and developed countries changing. Skew of power shifting, and there's soft power now too (culture, seductiveness of ploy, things that make you go along w it. Starbucks = fancy, cool, the more people think it, the more power it gets). 

Attractiveness is a literal power source for soft powers.

But hard powers are changing too.

Not all in the hands of Nation States ala the UN any more. NGOs are becoming power players, same goes for large corporations that have more economic power than literal countries. Diversification of power.


Sustainability in the face of natural disasters.


idk no one knows but we sure gotta figure it out, chiquitita. 

Nuclear power plants. Are they sustainable? Waste is a problem, but it helps tackle climate change. ??? If it isn't sustainable, reasonable alternatives would be??? That's the shit you gotta figure out, lovely.


Common But Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR)
We all got common goal, but what we need to get there differs from country to country
When this was created in 1990s, it divided places into developed and developing
There was no mobility built into the system; once you're in your category, you can't easily move out

BRICs gained power in 2001-2010 Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

2007 Economic crisis spread fast and quick because globalisation (seemed like such a good ideaaaaa)

Arab Spring




Narrowing gap between ??? key to sustainability.

Nature/Earth System                 <- too small and frail to be able to cover the other 2, when it should be biggest it is now smallest

Economic System                     <- bigger and bigger cos somebody's got to make moneyzzzz. It's smaller than Society but bigger than Earth, should be smallest

Society/Governance system   <- size growing af because of growing population, is now the biggest system, when it should be smaller than Earth but larger than Economy

This is all in theory o' course, but life ain't so smooth. So the question is, how do we structure Economy and Social systems so that they fit in under Earth system and don't hella exceed it. 


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